This cutting-edge health program is at no cost to you.

Make your move to more effective medication today

This cutting-edge health program is at no cost to you.

Make your move to more effective medication today.

It's Free — and it's Fast!

Step 1

Enroll Now    

Step 2


Create your PGx profile and secure your spot.

  • Complete your personal profile
  • Fill in your provider’s name and contact info
  • Confirm your current prescriptions, over the counter medications, and vitamin supplements

Step 3

Give Consent

As with any health decision, it’s a good idea to understand the pros and cons. You’ll be able to see these before you give consent, which is your agreement to move forward with testing.

Step 4

Receive Test Kit

Once you give consent, a test kit is ordered 
for you and sent to your home. 

Step 5

Take the Test

  1. Find a comfortable spot in your home. Open the box and read the instructions.   
  2. Collect your saliva sample.
  3. Use the pre-paid envelope to send your sample to the lab.
  4. You are done!

Step 6

Lab Sample Analysis

Once the lab receives your sample they will:

  • Extract DNA 
  • Look for specific genetic changes in the genes included in the test
  • Analyze your data and describe your results in a technical lab results report

Step 7

Get Your Results

You will receive three documents as part of your results package:

If your results suggest action should be considered by you and your doctor, you will be encouraged to schedule a telehealth visit with an pharmaceutical expert. 

No action suggested? You will still get the same reports and analysis. If desired, you can virtually meet with one of our Genetic Counselors.

Step 8

Talk with Your Providers

The most important step!

You are your best health advocate. Discuss any results with your healthcare providers so they can consider any changes to your medications now and choose the best medicines for you in the future. The more information they have about your health, the more they can ensure the best care plan for you.

Final Step

Tell us about your experience!

We will be sending you a survey to complete after you receive 
your results. Your feedback will help us improve our program and experiences for future participants.

Enroll today to embark on a 
healthier life for tomorrow!