Your DNAimpact for PGx Results Report

See how your test results may impact the drugs you take now, or in the future.

Understanding Your PGx Test Results

Your test looked at dozens of genes —
here is what you will learn from the results.

Lab Results Technical Report

Technical report prepared by the PGx testing lab.

Your Personalized 
PGx Summary

Plain-English report that outlines gene changes or drug interactions that should be addressed. Also includes medication considerations to help you and your provider make informed medication decisions together.

Discussion Guide

FAQ sheet that will help you review your results with your healthcare provider.

What Your PGx Test Results CAN Tell You:
That certain drugs may work better or not as well for you. 
If your body is expected to process a medication too quickly or too slowly. 
That certain drugs may cause more or fewer side effects. 
That there may be an impact on the drugs you take now or in the future. 
Which medications you are taking that may not be good to take together.
What Your PGx Test Results CANNOT Tell You:
Your risk for health conditions like heart disease or cancer. This test is only looking at changes in the genes that control how your body processes medications.
How you may respond to any supplements. 

PGx Patient Summary Report

This report is an easy-to-read summary of your test results. 
It is divided into sections based on the lab analysis. 

Medication Considerations

This section will highlight any specific considerations to discuss with
your doctor.

Medication History

This section lists your current prescriptions and whether or not each medication is included in the PGx test.

Drug-Gene Interactions

If you have a gene variant that interacts in a major or minor way with one of your medications, both the gene and medication are listed here. The drug-gene interaction may be described as “clinically actionable” or “informative” and is based on data from key scientific organizations.

You should NOT stop or make ANY changes to your medications without consulting your healthcare providers.

Drug-Drug Interactions

This section describes any of your current drugs that may need to be adjusted since you are taking them both. This is information your doctor can use to decide whether to change one or more of your medications.

Review Your Results with Your Healthcare Provider(s)

Upon receiving your results, make an appointment with any of the healthcare providers who prescribe medications for you.
The true value in getting a PGx test done can only be realized when you and your providers use the information to make
informed medication decisions. Don’t delay this crucial step.

Enroll today to embark on a 
healthier life for tomorrow!